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The class made an immediate impact on something that is critical to my success and I will continue to refer back to the notes and my practice video to make sure I don’t fall back into the old habits. I actually did pop in my presentation skills DVD the other day to review the basics. Also thank you for your insightful and practical news briefs! The “walk deliberately/rock solid eye contact/pause” advice made me smile as I remembered the exercise we did with you guys in D.C. to get better at those critical presentation skills.

Asad Anwar

Associate Partner, Gallup Consulting

I recently participated in Jeff’s 2-day workshop called Communicating Credibility. It was the best communication training program of my career. The value of the video feedback was outstanding. I have implemented many suggestions and have noticed a difference in being better able to connect with and listen to my audience. I think Jeff can add tremendous value to help give your team that edge they need, especially given the economy. I highly recommend using his services

Bruce Bendix

Managing Director, Eco Squared Consulting

I brought Jeff into a meeting with our consulting team to work with us on our presentation skills. Not only did we have a chance to practice and learn techniques, Jeff brought clarity to the shared message we were trying to convey, and helped each individual feel comfortable and confident. It is my pleasure to recommend him as a speaking coach, trainer, and communications expert

Karlin Sloan

Karlin Sloan & Company

Jeff is a very effective speaking and presentation coach that I would recommend for anyone from job-seekers to CEOs. He knows his stuff and how to communicate it in an effective and respectable way.

Erik Ford

Principle , Ford Wealth Management, LLC

Jeff and I share a common vision to help people become the best they can, doing work they love and making the kind of money they want. Jeff has excellent communication and presentation skills, which I believe everyone in business who’s serious about growing their business should have. I recommend Jeff to anyone who wants to tremendously improve their presentation skills to be as effective as possible.

Andy Fuehl

International Trainer, Best-Selling Author of Wealth Without a Job, Co-Author with Joe Vitale - Meet and Grow Rich - The Best of Nightingale-Conant

Recently I presented to the entire executive team – including some connected via video conference. I incorporated some of your suggestions and it went very well. I really feel the training was valuable and can’t thank you enough for the class.

Maggie Ozan-Rafferty

Global Practice Leader of Healthcare, Gallup Consulting

Thanks again for the training over the past two days. Really appreciate your approach and candor with me. The presentation went great. Our team did a great job with our story and I felt very good about the delivery. I had another full agency presentation yesterday and they said I did an ‘amazing’ job – so I am very pleased. Thank you again Jeff.

Julie Laudon

Midwest director of sales, Facebook

Coming from years of experience in training, speaking and auditioning, I wondered what I had yet to be taught about the subject of public speaking (not that I had mastered everything but I had attended a lot of different training programs). Jeff approached our training session from many dimensions (from posture, to internal dialogue, to projecting) and in the end tied it all together to make sense. He is a master at what he does and I look forward to future training sessions with him.

Karen Moose

Entrepreneur, Visionary, Coach and Real Estate Professional

Jeff Hornstein is an experienced speech coach. I highly recommend hiring him to help overcome the fear of speaking to groups or to be a more effective public speaker. He helped me immensely in just a few short months. His advice and examples are practical, easy to implement and I use them every day. I am now enrolled in his Speaker’s Choice Club and highly recommend him.

Jan Perrino

Owner , JPA Ltd.

What you do with people is very powerful and can trigger some personal revelation and healing as well as develop the skills to work better in front of others.

Bette Fetter

Founder & CEO, Young Rembrandts Franchise, Inc

Having an opportunity for a big promotion, I needed to present to the executive team but didn’t do a good job and was passed over for the promotion. A year later the same opportunity presented itself. This time I hired Jeff as a coach. He helped me overcome my nervousness and to relax and present more effectively. Thanks to Jeff and his help the presentation was a success and I got the promotion!

Jim Messer, Director

Director, CMEGroup

I highly recommend Jeff to anyone seeking formal presentation skills coaching. Jeff provided me an opportunity to not only improve the technical components but also provided concrete tools to raise the level of my presentations and workshops. …..he helped create a shift in my thinking from being a ‘presenter’ to a ‘communicator’ reminding me that when I’m strong in my voice, I will come across with more confidence, authority, authenticity and effectiveness.

Marcie Stern

President , Vocal Consulting, Inc.

Jeff did an outstanding job training our outside sales force on improving presentation skills. Jeff gave an enlightening, and interesting presentation that caused a lot of “light bulbs” to go off. I would recommend The Speaker’s Choice to anyone who truly wants to become more successful in their customer or personal relationships.

Greg Lewis

General Manager, Matsui America

I have known Jeff for many years and have been greatly impressed with his professionalism and his drive to achieve the best results. His genuine interest in helping others communicate effectively and compete in the business world is admirable. As a trainer, he has the drive to get people involved and interested so that they truly grow. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking to develop a professional presence and be more successful.

Tom Browne

Sales Manager, Herrmann Ultrasonics

Jeff Hornstein is a leader in his field because he is a master of his craft! Not only has he taught me the mechanics of public speaking but he has an amazing talent of being able to help me be my most present and polished self in front of a group. Jeff has a gentle but direct way of getting to the heart of the matter, when I have anything standing in the way of my being my best in front of a room full of workshop participants or delivering a keynote speech. I am thrilled to have found such a powerful alliance partner. I am not only happy with his services for myself but I regularly recommend Jeff’s services to my clients. He provides the highest level of value-added services, in an area that is beyond the scope of my expertise. I would say that virtually anyone who spends time public speaking would find Jeff’s coaching extremely valuable!

Kathleen Peterson

President , Equinox Associates, Inc.

Your seminar was outstanding, Jeff. I so appreciated how you modeled the behavior you were teaching. It was impactful in many ways, since your actions mirrored your words. As for how I’ve implemented what I’ve learned, I am pausing more, moving items aside during important conversations, and following the content set up (3 key points), whether I’m selling scooters, coaching services, or brand development work. I’ve even used it in writing my Masters’s papers and presenting my arguments! Your course was very helpful and worth every penny, and then some

Christy Erbeck

President, Metamorphic Consulting

Thanks for the communication tips via e-mail (e-tips). I continue to find them very valuable and concise. Of over 100 emails I receive a day, this is one that I always read — every word.

Chris Campbell

Director , Allstate Financial

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