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Generational Differences and Insights

Course Description

Understanding differences and similarities between the 3 largest generations in the global workforce will be a big key for organizations to: develop strategies for hiring and collaborating with members of each generation, maximize performance and retention, and help coach and engage employees. During this session you will be encouraged to work with real coaching situations and challenges to increase relevance and to make this a true workshop. You will also review the latest research on the newest Generation, Gen Z, and brainstorm how we will prepare to incorporate this generation into our workforce.

Expected Outcome

This half-day hands-on workshop is intended to enable you to:


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Corporate Training Programs

Corporate Training

The Speaker’s Choice™ works nationally delivering a variety of corporate training programs, giving clients the keys to make positive and lasting impressions. The results are more confident and influential business professionals.

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Communicating Credibility – 1 Day Workshops

Communicating Credibility Workshop flyer

This “hands on” open enrollment workshop is limited to 12 people. It is highly experiential and includes 1:1 coaching. In just one day, learn the skills you need to communicate with credibility, influence, and trust.

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