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The Speaker’s Choice ™ provides training and coaching that centers around business communication skills that are designed to help our clients communicate with more clarity, convey executive presence, focus the right message to the right audience, maintain composure in the face of pressure, and improve internal and external relationships.


Everyone agrees that knowing your content inside and out is critical regardless of your audience, right? What most people don’t often realize is the way you deliver it and your mindset underneath it is just as critical. Mastery of all three components is “king”. We’ve separated each component and listed corresponding solutions below them.


Company Overview

Communication is consistently ranked the #1 business skill for career advancement. Skilled communicators are better at influencing, motivating, managing, and consensus-building. They are also more likely to be hired or promoted. One distinction between written and spoken communication is profound: Spoken communication is a one-time shot. Although you can prepare to speak, but you can't proofread what you’ve said after the fact.

A lucky few seem to have an "instinct" for speaking with impact and influence. The Speaker's Choice is committed to developing that instinct in you and your organization . (We call that instinct “unconscious competence.”) Through the use of powerful, highly effective , time-tested interactive coaching, The Speaker's Choice works with you to hone spoken communication skills that are commensurate with your subject area expertise.



Founded: 2006

Number of people trained: 13,000+

Staff qualifications: All training consultants and coaches have a minimum of 15 years of experience.

Location: Greater Chicago Area | Training and coaching offered domestically and internationally.



Corporate Training Programs

Corporate Training

The Speaker’s Choice™ works nationally delivering a variety of corporate training programs, giving clients the keys to make positive and lasting impressions. The results are more confident and influential business professionals.

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Communicating Credibility – 1 Day Workshops

Communicating Credibility Workshop flyer

This “hands on” open enrollment workshop is limited to 12 people. It is highly experiential and includes 1:1 coaching. In just one day, learn the skills you need to communicate with credibility, influence, and trust.

Upcoming Dates:

Chicago: Crowne Plaza Chicago, West Loop - October 12, 2018

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Athletic Club - November 1, 2018

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Professional networking discussion

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